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Purpose of Organization:
  1. To foster camaraderie and fellowship with all members of the Stonehouse Ladies Golf Association.
  2. To promote and encourage interest and confidence in competitive play.
  3. To inspire good sportsmanship and love of the game.
  4. To encourage returning and new members to participate in all golfing activities -- from fun games and competitions during league play, to the various tournaments held throughout the season.
  5. To assist women who are new to the sport of golf with their understanding of the game in terms of appropriate behavior on the course, and the rules and etiquette of the game, in accordance with rules of the United States Golf Association (USGA), except as modified by the local rules of the course.
Guidelines of Organization:
  • Open to all women who desire to play 9 or 18 holes of organized play.
  • $55.00 dues selection includes: Weekly League Play prizes, End-of-the-Year awards, SLGA Events management, and Sunshine purchases.
  • $60.00 dues selection includes: Weekly League Play prizes, End-of-the-Year awards, SLGA Events management, Sunshine purchases, and the Hole-in-One Club.

League Play
  • Sign-up Sheets will be posted on the bulletin board in ladies room at Stonehouse each week. Sign up by noon the Sunday before league day (by noon on the holiday Monday if league play takes place on Wednesday). If you cannot sign up in person, please email Helen Ware at on or before the sign-up deadline to let her know that you want to play.
  • Pairings will be made in advance, and you will find out who you are playing with the morning of league play. As a courtesy to others, please be in your cart and ready to go 15 minutes before the shotgun start time, or your tee time.
  • Only the gross score (all strokes made) for every hole played by each member of the foursome should be entered on the scorecard being handed in for tournament scoring purposes -- do not figure out the weekly tournament, or your putts, on the scorecard that is being handed in to the Pro Shop.
  • One person from each cart must sign the scorecard that is being submitted to identify and confirm that the scores from each cart in the foursome are the same – only one scorecard per foursome should be turned in to the Pro Shop each week.
  • The League Statistician will tally the results and email the names of the winners to the membership after league play each week, and post the worksheet on the SLGA bulletin board.
  • The League Statistician will adjust and enter your weekly tournament gross score into the GHIN system for you.

The Game
  • 18-Hole and 9-Hole League play will take place each Wednesday morning at Stonehouse Golf Club (unless otherwise specified). 
  • First League Play Day – Wednesday, March 29, 2017
  • Last League Play Day – Wednesday, October 25, 2017
  • Rained-Out League Days will be played on Wednesday starting the first week of November (4 weeks maximum)
  • 18-Hole Players:
    • 9:00 am Shotgun Start in April and October
    • 8:30 am Shotgun Start in May, June, and September
    • 8:00 am Shotgun Start in July and August
  • 9-Hole Players:
    • Consecutive Starting Tee Times after last 18-Hole Group tees off on Hole #1


A Few Rules
  • You do not have to be a Traditions member to join the SLGA. All SLGA members must pay the $55.00 or $60.00 SLGA membership dues and the $30.00 GHIN membership fee at the beginning of the season. Non-Traditions members will pay a $40.00 (18-hole) or $25.00 (9-hole) “Member/Guest” fee when checking in at the pro shop before league play begins each week.
  • All SLGA members should maintain their USGA Handicap by paying the GHIN fee to their home course each January. Scores may now be entered year round because your GHIN membership is considered “active” from January 1st through December 31st. All SLGA members must have an active GHIN membership to participate in league play and tournaments.
  • The SLGA Statistician will enter your adjusted league-play score into the GHIN system for you each week, but you are strongly encouraged to enter all other rounds you play at any golf course throughout the year yourself to give you the most accurate handicap index.
  • The maximum competitive handicap for the SLGA Weekly Tournaments is 40. Any player with a 40+ handicap will receive a handicap of 40 for tournament scoring.
  • Cellular Phones must be turned to VIBRATE or OFF for League and/or Tournament play.
  • Pace of Play – Being ready to play when it is your turn helps to improve the pace of play. Some pointers to remember include - take only one practice swing prior to a shot, take several clubs with you to the ball when cart path only, walk briskly to your ball, and note your line of putt while others are putting so you are ready when your turn comes. Practicing these little things will help to speed the pace of play for everyone.
  • The Stonehouse pro shop staff advises that the acceptable “Pace of Play” time for league play should be no more than 5 hours.
  • There are no “gimmies” during league play – you must always putt into the hole when playing in an organized tournament.
  • Enjoy the game, the day outdoors, and the company you are keeping each week. When you can, join the group for lunch in the dining room after your round. Most importantly, always have FUN!!!
Prizes and Tournaments
  • A different league tournament will be played each week. Participants will be divided into 3 flights by handicap (two 18-hole flights and one 9-hole flight) for scoring. Weekly tournament winners from each flight will be announced by email.
  • Prize money awarded in the three flights each week will be tallied for every player throughout the season, then awarded in one lump sum at the end-of-the-season luncheon.
  • Ringers - Your best gross score for each hole (9-hole or 18-hole) during the weekly league play at Stonehouse will be tracked throughout the year. Prizes will be awarded to players with the lowest “Ringer” scores at the end-of-the-season luncheon. (The number of prizes awarded will be determined by the amount of prize money left over at the end of the season.)
  • Birdies – Birdies made during league play must be recorded on the “2017 Birdie” sheets posted on the bulletin board in the ladies room at Stonehouse. Prizes for Birdies made throughout the year will be awarded at the end-of-the-season luncheon. (The $ amounts awarded per birdie will be determined by the amount of prize money left over at the end of the season.)
  • Chip-Ins (optional) - When you check in at the Pro Shop before league play each week, write your name on the Weekly Chip-In Sign-Up Sheet located at the Pro Shop desk, and drop your quarter into the Chip-In Tin that will be there, too. IMPORTANT - You must write your name down and pay your quarter BEFORE you begin play on your starting hole in order to participate. The amount collected will be paid out to the player(s) that had a Chip-In that same day. The prize money will carry over to the next week if it is not won.
  • Hole-In-One Club (optional) $5.00 buy-in – If you are not already a member of the HOIC, the $5.00 fee to join will be due at the beginning of the golf season. Any hole-in-one made during league play throughout the SLGA calendar year will win the pot that same day, and all HOIC members will be required to pay another $5.00 before the next league play day to start a new pot. The HOIC prize money will carry over to the next year if not won again by the end of the season.
  • SLGA Invitational Tournament – The SLGA is required to host an 18-Hole Invitational Tournament every other golf season. The next SLGA 18-Hole Invitational will be held sometime during the 2017 golf season. Planning will begin before the beginning of the season, and all members will be encouraged to help out by signing up to be on one or more of the Invitational committees at the first meeting of the year.
  • Away Tournaments – All 18-Hole and 9-Hole Invitational/Home and Away Tournaments will be announced by email no later than four weeks prior to the event. If participating, your entry fee check for each tournament must be received no later than the due date specified to have your name included on a Tournament Entry Roster. An email listing each tournament’s participants will be sent out one week prior to each event so carpool transportation can be arranged. 



President Helen Ware
Secretary Beth Murray
Treasurer Chong Joo
9-Hole Away Events Chair Marilyn Randall
18-Hole Away Events Chair Debbie Boucher

  The association was formed to promote and encourage interest and confidence in competitive play, to familiarize players with the rules and etiquette of golf, and to inspire good sportsmanship and love of the game. Women of all skill levels, whether Traditions members or not, are welcome.
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