Course Improvements

J. Sanders Construction, Inc. - the new owner of Stonehouse Golf Club - is investing substantially and working hard towards restoring the golf course to its former glory and rebuilding the strong golf community it previously enjoyed.  We look to show the progress of our renovations through this website. We're excited about our grand re-opening in July 2019 and hope you enjoy viewing our transition process.


Clubhouse Area Renovations

The Clubhouse and Pro Shop buildings are also undergoing remodeling and repairs. We're proud to announce that the 501 Bar & Grill at Stonehouse is currently building out and setting up in the Clubhouse. It will feature casual fare as well as an evening dinner menu for members and guests.

Here are some of the exciting upgrades we are implementing to the Clubhouse area:

  • Build-out of the new 501 Bar & Grill at Stonehouse;
  • New kitchen renovation and equipment;
  • Complete removal of all vegetation over-growth and weeds from around the buildings and main walkways followed by landscaping;
  • Remodeling of the Pro Shop replacing flooring and decor;
  • New building gutter systems and downspouts;
  • Renovation of the deck;
  • Connecting bridge rebuilt and widened;
  • Remodel interior walls - removing wallpaper.

Clubhouse Renovations Photo Galleries

Golf Course Renovations

The golf course itself had been almost completely taken over by wild vegetation during its previous decline and dormant period.  It had lost all of its greens, tee boxes were bare and shrubs and weeds had taken over the fairways and sand traps.

The new owners of Stonehouse Golf Club have undertaken a monumental task of restoring the golf course to its brand new condition by conducting the following:

  • Complete removal of all wild vegetation growth and weeds from the tee boxes, fairways, sand traps and greens;
  • Clean,  repair and landscape all course cart trails;
  • Re-turf or re-sod damaged fairways and re-seeded the greens;
  • Rebuild all course sand traps;
  • Reconstruct hole signs and tee markers;
  • Re-build the driving range;
  • New bag holders and other course accessories;
  • Remodel all course buildings and pavilions

Golf Course Renovation Photo Galleries

Course Before Renovations
Course Renovations In-Progress
Golf Course Re-Opening - COMING SOON!